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Saturday, July 30, 2011

This is what occurred on the Internet For 60 Seconds

What happens if you do not connect to the Internet for 60 seconds? and what is updated in just one minute time frame? and here are some things you will miss in just 1 minute:

1500 + posts on the blog
Latest twit 98.000
12.000 newest ads in craiglist (FJB Greatest)
20.000 latest post on Tumblr
600 New Videos on Youtube
70 Domains Listed
The iPhone application has been downloaded 13.000
320 latest Twitter Account
100 latest Linkedin Account
6.600 published photos on Flickr
125 downloaded WordPress Plugin
50 Core downloaded WordPress
79.364 Wall sent on Facebook
695 000 Facebook status updated
510.040 comments appear on Facebook
1.700 Applications downloaded Mozilla Firefox
694.445 searched words on Google
168 Million Email sent
60 latest blog created
Answer 40 questions on Yahoo and 100 answers were given
1.600 People Reading on Scrib
A word defined in the Urban Dictonaries
Total 370 000 minutes on Skype phone
13.000 hours of music streamed on Pandora

Such was the case on the internet for 60 seconds, and you now know why 1 minute is so precious in cyberspace.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Form block skateboard in the 1980s

Skateboard in the world began in the 1980s, wind, marked the rise of the sport on the streets. During this period, with the spirit of do it your self and underground music, skaters began to make their backyard as a surfing arena. The 80-generation also raises a number of stars such as Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero. Although the style of this street and then slide the new stars like Mark Gonzales, Natas Kaupas and Mike Vallely, but the generation of 1980, a series of collections of legendary skate board has addressed the following:

1st Collection unit board

In the first order, the Board of many memorable Alva Chris Cook, published in 1988/1989, Alva Bill Danforth (1988), Jim Murphy Murf (1988) and Eddie Reategui "Warrior" (1987/1988).
(Source: skateboarding magazine)

2nd Collection of second board

This section reminded that produces many of the Board Lucero "Street Thing" owned by Lucero Skateboards Santa Cruzp in the years 1988-1989. Three other board is a boneyard Image Processing (1988), Maui & Sons "Shark Man" (1987-1988), and Gordon & Smith Bod Boyle "Yin Yang" (1989).
(Source: skateboarding magazine)

3rd Collection third board

In this third collection, use the brand and Allied Team Losi Variflex Allen Losi. In this section, there are species of Team Losi "Ooze," Team Losi "Witch Doctor", Team Losi "Pool Dreams" and Variflex Allen Losi MKIII.
(Source: skateboarding magazine)

4th The fourth board Collection

The fourth collection consists of a board made between 1984 and 1987. Variflex Vectra Flat mkII namely streetstyle / freestyle (1984-1985), Variflex Vectra Flat mkII pool / ramp (1984-1985), Variflex Vectra Concave mkII pool / ramp (1985-1986), and Variflex Vectra Concave MKIII pool / ramp (1986 -1987).
(Source: skateboarding magazine)

5th Collection fifth board

In this latest survey are available in Madrid Beau Brown model of "collage" NOS 1986, Madrid X-Team Rider "Jester" (1986), Madrid Gary Sanderson "punk" NOS (1985) and Madrid, Claus Grabke, "time" NOS 1986th

Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 The most dangerous spider in the world

Spiders contribute untold on the Earth's ecosystem. You clean the harmful insect populations, maintain plant and animal matter. Their silk is a wonder of nature, and can be used in humans for military and industrial applications. Here are the five most deadly spiders are known to man.

1st The Red Back

Redback spider (red back) are found throughout Australia. Redback females usually black with traces of red and orange stripes on its back. The spider has a neurotoxic venom, and when bitten can cause muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting and sweating. The most deadly is the cause paralysis and death.

2nd The Funnel-web

Spider-funnel-web is also from Australia. Funnel-web males shiny black or brown. The spider in the attack, standing with their hind legs to show her teeth. They also have neurotoxic venom and their bites can salivation sweating, seizures, and cause tears. Even just by looking at, they may shed tears.

3rd The Brazilian Wandering

Brazilian Wandering spiders are found in the forests of South America. They are nervous and aggressive. Bite is very painful because it releases serotonin into the bloodstream victims. Serotonin makes you the exposed die overdose.

4th The Brown Recluse

This small spider has a violin-shaped back. Brown Recluse spider venom causes that the bumps. Bites do not hurt, but make no mistake, these bumps are red and then fell from the victim's body.

5th The Black Widow

The spider is the most deadly. Shiny black spider is found in North America. Neurotoxic venom when they bite is painless, with two fang marks a significant thereafter. Symptoms of a bite include abdominal and back pain, abdominal pain, muscle spasms, respiratory failure, high blood pressure, anxiety, and if bitten is too long, cause death.
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